Package 2:

After early breakfast tour will start for beautiful Mirik with adjoining glamour of Bunkulung, A very elusive and unexplored place, Bunkulung is literally the agricultural hub of Mirik. The place cannot be accessed on foot. You will need to hire a cab, but a few minutes in the car and you will see yourself in the most authentic hillside village there is. Located on the edge of the valley, with hills looming in every direction. The place is full of farm lands, fisheries and empty spans of land that will mesmerize you. The place also has hundreds of stories from its inception to its present day inhabitation.

Bokar Monastery :

The seat of the Venerable Kyabje Bokar Rinpoche, the monastery belongs to the Kagyud order. The Monastery is one of the few in India that have retained its traditional beliefs and environment from the very beginning. The beautiful monastery is an epitome of Chinese architecture and has sprawling lawns for you to sit and observe the place. The Monastery is a few minutes away from Mirik Lake.

Orange Orchards :

Another unique and offbeat offering of Mirik are the numerous plantations spread across the cities. The orange orchids are one of the most beautiful plantations you will ever see.and if you are lucky to see them in full bloom, the entire place looks lit up with countless orange bulbs.

Devi-Sthan :

Devi-Sthan is a temple located in the densely forested region of Dhupi Forest. It is situated on the banks of the lake and is dedicated to Goddess Singha Devi. The temples of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali are some of the attractions.

Deosi Dara :

A hilltop in the small town of Mirik, in West Bengal, lies around 1,768 metres above sea level. It is a great spot for a panoramic view of the nearby scenery comprising of hills and mountain ranges. The best time to pay a visit is during the day, preferably during sunrise The best time to visit Deosi Dara is from March to June, providing a pleasant break from the otherwise scorching heat of the plains.
We will take lunch here at Mirik by the side of Mirik Lake where lots of restaurant is available.

After lunch we will proceed for Pasupati a holy place and adjoining foreign goods market of Nepal through Deosi Dara. From Pasupati we will have end our trip and come back hotel for night stay.